About us

Come and experience the new Hanna Restaurant!

We are happy to announce that Hanna is opening with renewed taste and redesigned look! Our chef arrived directly from Israel to Budapest to create the unique menu to enchant our guests.We present you traditional Hungarian-Jewish dishes reimagined by a wonderful and highly respected Israeli chef.  

We welcome you not only with amazing new dishes, but also with a completely new interior to create a perfect ambience!  If you wish to try Israeli dishes with a Hungarian twist, or Hungarian dishes with an Israeli twist Hanna Restaurant is the perfect choice for you! 



Hanna Restaurant, our Glatt Kosher restaurant which has a special atmosphere and an unusual mission, is located in the heart of Budapest, in the garden of the Orthodox Synagogue on Kazinczy Street. The restaurant is housed in an imposing two-storey building, which also serves as an excellent event venue.

The restaurant was founded in 1920 by Orthodox community. It is still a strictly glatt kosher kitchen which has been the place of choice for generations of Jewish gastronomic traditions and an obvious choice for an excellent culinary experience. In addition, it has also served as a dignified and significant venue for festive Shabbat meals and life events.

Our menu still reflects this respect for tradition, offering unmissable dishes of traditional Hungarian and Jewish cuisine. Shabbat menus and catering are also available. Our credo is to preserve the gastronomic traditions and the values of our centuries-old past and present that lie behind these walls. We do this in accordance with today’s requirements, using quality kosher ingredients.



The two-storey restaurant of the Synagogue offers traditional Hungarian-Jewish cuisine. The restaurant is located in a beautiful setting.